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PV Cell Evaluation System


The SS9620 is an overall solar cell evaluation system that consists of the I-V meter 4601 and the booster unit 46015. Its combination makes it possible to measure the I-V characteristics and dark current of solar cells or modules by using a solar simulator. In addition, the SS9620 contains the reverse polarity unit CC046012 or CC046013, allowing precise parallel resistance measurement and bypass diode evaluation.

The I-V meter 4601 supports short, middle and long light pulses and achieves I-V measurement at maximum 100 points in only 5ms. It measures voltage, current and reference cell current in parallel in the minimum 50μs to the maximum 6s per step.

If the I-V meter 4601 has been already installed, the booster unit 46015 can be added as required to build the SS9620.


Dark current measurement of large solar cell modules
by connecting the booster unit 46015
Precise parallel resistance measurement and
bypass diode evaluation by using the reverse polarity unit
Maximum output power of 300W (300V/±1A, 30V/±10A)
High speed measurement at 100 points in 5ms
50μs to 6s/point that supports various kinds of solar cells
Sampling for short-pulsed, middle-pulsed and long-pulsed light
3-slope linear sweep function to measure finely
around Isc, Pmax and Voc
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