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Product Category >PV Test Solutions >SS9600
Solar Panel I-V Measurement System


The SS9600 has six output ranges for solar panel evaluation: maximum 320W (20V/16A, 40V/8A, 80V/4A) and maximum 280W (7V/40A, 14V/20A, 28V/10A), that cover the I-V characteristics of most solar cells and panels.
By using DC voltage/current sources, not only I-V characteristic but also dark current characteristic evaluation in irradiation is available. The SS9600 can measure finely around Isc and Voc with the minimum step of 4ms by using the random sweep function in addition to the linear sweep function. That is, it can measure all types of solar cells including crystal, film and tandem solar cells.


Supporting all types of solar cells including crystalline silicon,and thin film multi-junction solar cells
High-power output range
Maximum 320W (20V/16A, 40V/8A, 80V/4A)
Maximum 280W (7V/40A, 14V/20A, 28V/10A)
Two-voltage step measurement function
Auto measurement mode
Graph Y axis auto scale function
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