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Product Category >Optical Measuring Instruments >8341
Optical Spectrum Analyzer


The 8341 is an optical spectrum analyzer for analyzing short wavelengths from 350nm to 1000 nm. Because it adopts a Fourier spectrum system with a Michelson interferometer, the 8341 can measure the coherence. With its narrow wavelength resolution of 0.01nm * , the 8341 is very effective for the evaluation of not only CD/DVD laser diodes, but also for blue-violet laser diodes. In addition, the built-in He-Ne laser acts as a wavelength reference to ensure a high wavelength measurement accuracy of ±0.01nm * . Finally, with its fast 0.5s * measurement speed, the 8341 is ideal for building into systems for mass production and evaluating temperature characteristics of system components.



Coherence measurement resolution: 0.001mm
Wavelength resolution (at 650nm):
0.05nm (standard), 0.01nm (option)
The measured resolution of the peak wavelength is 0.001nm
Wavelength measurement accuracy:
±0.05 nm (standard), ±0.01nm (option)
Max. input level: +10dBm
Max. Coherence measurement length:
Approx. 10mm (standard), Approx. 40mm (option)
Wavelength measurement range: 350 to 1000nm
Compact and light body
OPT8341+70/A High-speed sweep and coherence length extension option
This option enhances the following performance of the optical spectrum analyzer.
  Option Standard
Wavelength accuracy 0.01nm 0.05nm
Wavelength resolution 0.01nm 0.05nm
Coherence analysis length 41.4mm 10.3mm
Measurement time 0.5s or less 2s or less
  OPT8341+70: Built-in option
OPT8341+70A: Retrofit option
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