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Product Category >Optical Measuring Instruments >8230E
Optical Power Meter


The 8230E is a handheld optical power meter, which is most suitable for production of LDs, optical pickups and drives for optical disks.
It was developed to meet functions and performance suitable for CD/DVD production.
Two kinds of general-purpose sensors and two kinds of high-output sensors with different shapes respectively (thin-type/cylindrical-type) are available.
The thin-type general purpose sensor 82311B is available as an option OPT8230E+11 to the main body.
The high-power optical sensors 82313B and 82323B are capable of high-power measurement up to 200mW.
The main body that has 4 1/2-digits and 0.01dB resolution display can obtain measurement data easily by using the USB interface installed as standard.


Various sensors applicable to optical disks (CD/DVD)
High-power sensor of up to 200mW (82313B/82323B).
The maximum input power of 200mW suitable for pickup measurement of high-speed rewritable CD/DVD
Low-price general-purpose optical sensor (82311B/82321B)
Sensor power calibration wavelength: 650/780nm for CD/DVD
Highly reliable sensor that minimizes sensitivity deviation over time in the 400nm range (82311B/82321B/82313B/82323B)
1nm-step wavelength sensitivity correction function
Guaranteed accuracy in the wide wavelength range (OPT+20 only for 82311B/82321B. Other options are not available for OPT8230E+11.)
4 1/2 digits, 0.01dB resolution
USB interface as standard
OPT8230E+11 8230E general-purpose option.
This option is sold as a set with the optical power meter 8230E and the optical sensor 82311B.
OPT8230E+70 Optical power meter former-type sensor adaptive option.
This option enables the former-type sensors 820x series (Q82014A/Q82017A/Q82018A/TQ82015) to be connected.

*The OPT8230E+11 is not available in combination with the OPT8230E+70.
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