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Product Category >Optical Measuring Instruments >8471
Optical Wavelength Meter


The 8471 is an optical wavelength meter that uses a He-Ne laser as reference wavelength and employs the Michelson interferometer method, providing high-accuracy measurement. It can measure emission center frequencies of LDs for DWDM with high resolution and accuracy.
The 8471 even provides a high sampling rate of 10 times per second, and is suitable for oscillation wavelength adjustment. In addition, its deviation display function allows wavelength variation to be measured with high resolution and accuracy.


Wavelength range: 630nm to 1650nm (182THz to 476THz)
Wavelength and frequency displays
High-speed sampling: 10 times/sec
High-sensitivity measurement: -35dBm (1200nm to 1600nm)
Maximum and minimum values and deviation displays
Stores up to 10,000 data sets
Average measurement up to 100 times
GPIB and USB interfaces
Optimal for wavelength adjustment of LDs for DWDM due to high-speed sampling
Available as a wavelength standard for calibration of spectroscopes or optical spectrum analyzers due to high accuracy.
Capable of automated measurement of laser diode wavelength-temperature and wavelength-current characteristics.
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