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IR meter
4000 series
IR meter unit

4000 2 Slot Modular Instrument

The 4000 is a 2-slot modular instrument of 2U half-size mainframe to which 2units of 0.7U half-size modules are installed.
It is equipped with various interfaces; USB, GPIB, LAN and RS232, making it possible to build inspection systems for R&D or production lines of electronics components by connecting to a PC or programmable controller.
In addition, the 4-channel handler interface allows you timing control with automatic machines, and device selection according to measurement and judgment results by the modules.
In inspection lines, you can easily perform system setup or maintenance of modules that are mounted on system racks such as module replacement, operation check via USB on the front panel.
Moreover, by using the digital I/O of 8 bits having a 5 V/200 mA power supply, easy relay control and signal generation are available.


Maximum 4 channels mountable on 2 modules
Maximum power: 150 W
Interface: USB, GPIB, LAN, RS232
Handler interface: 4 channels
Digital I/O: 8 bits
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