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Product Category >Electrometers >5450/5451
Ultra High Resistance Meter

(Photo is 5450)


The 5450/5451 is a digital ultra-high resistance meter that loads an I-V converter employing our original variable gain feedback method, a high-precision A/D converter well established in the digital multimeters, and a low-noise high-response voltage source, allowing high-speed and highly-stable adaptation into various high resistance measurement applications.

High resistance measurement can be widely used for testing electrical insulating materials used in secondary cells or semiconductors, electrical or electronic components such as capacitors and print-circuited boards, and synthetic resin or rubber materials in R&D, manufacturing, quality control and/or other fields.

With the use of the fixtures, surface resistivity rate and volume resistivity rate can be measured according to the JIS standards.
In addition, leak current of semiconductor devices with high voltage applied can be measured with high sensitivity and high accuracy.


The measurement mode for the current meter is selectable from high-speed mode, noise-tolerance mode or other modes.
Source/sink output up to 10W at ±1000V
Readily available preset function
Sequence program for easy measurement operation
Temperature and humidity measurement available by connecting the recommended temperature and humidity sensor probe
Time series graphical display of measurement values
Quick detection of contact failures with samples
Floating measurement up to 1000V peak (5450)
Handler interface
GPIB and USB interfaces as standard and BCD output option
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