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Product Category >Electrometers
Model Product Name Description
5350 Digital electrometer Low-priced electrometer with 1fA resolution
5450/5451 Ultra High Resistance Meter Voltage source of ±1000V, high-speed measurement up to 1000 readings/sec, current measurement resolution of 1fA, resistance measurement range 3x1017Ω and 5 1/2-digit display
Electrometer Accessories
Model Product Name Description
12701A Text Fixture DC characteristic measurement of electronic component
12702A/B Resistivity Chamber A: Pressure adjustment and thickness measurement of sample (50 dia.)

B: Pressure adjustment and thickness measurement of sample (70 dia.)
12704A Resistivity Chamber Resistivity chamber with rubber electrodes for sheet sample measurement
12706A Test Fixture Electronic component measurement
12707 Resistivity Chamber for Liquid Sample Small amount of liquid resistance measurement (0.8cc)
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