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Digital Multimeter


The 7481 is 8½-digit digital multimeter with high resolution of 0.01 ppm, equipped with DC voltage, DC current and resistance measurement functions. It is suitable for use in research and development fields or calibration organizations, and calibration of inspection systems for electronic components or semiconductors.
The 7481 achieves high-resolution measurement such as 10 nV for DC voltage measurement, 100 fA for 100 fA measurement and 1 μΩ for resistance measurement, and also guarantees high accuracy 5 ppm per year for voltage measurement.
In addition, the self-calibration function allows high-accuracy measurement at any time, and external calibration can be performed with a smaller number of standards.


Maximum 8 ½-digit display (119 999 999) for resistance measurement
Easy to perform calibration by using two standards
A/D converter with highly precise linearity and stability
Automatic cancellation of thermal electromotive force as a cause of errors in resistance measurement
Saving up to 50,000 data in the internal memory
External control between front and rear input terminals
Contact check function in 4-wire resistance measurement
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