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Digital Multimeter


The 7461P is an upgraded model of the 7461A, newly adopting two advantageous functions for system use.
One is a temperature measurement function with a resolution of 0.001°C using a PT sensor. It is useful in various fields including automotive, home appliance, air-conditioning, energy control, medical and industrial equipment fields.
The other is a digital output function that is capable of programming external devices by remote commands. As the 7461P can output contact signals and TTL signals that are very convenient for opening or closing mechanical shutters or solenoid valves, connecting to another device such as scanner is unnecessary.
In addition, the data collection capacity is doubled from 10,000 data to 20,000 data.
The 7461P further exhibits its power for system use in combination with the high-speed sampling function (20,000 readings per second).


Maximum display : 1199999
Measurement range
Temperature : Pt100 or JPt100
 -200°C to +850°C
DC voltage : 100nV to 1000V
DC current : 1nA to 3A
AC voltage : 100nV to 700V
AC current : 1nA to 3A
Resistance : 100µΩ to 100MΩ
Frequency : 1Hz to 300kHz
Sampling rate : Up to 20,000 readings/second
Input terminal : Front/rear
Data : Up to 20,000 data
Interface : GPIB or USB
Remote control : Comparator output or digital output
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