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Digital Multimeter


The 7461A is a high-performance and low-cost digital multimeter of 6 1/2-digit display (maximum display of 1199999) equipped with new functions.
Since the newly developed A/D converter has allowed arbitrary integration time setting, the 7461A is ideal for average measurement of the pulsed current and voltage of mobile phones and LCDs.
It is also adaptable to various applications with a wide range of sampling rate from 20,000 readings per second to 1 reading per hour.
Furthermore, the 7461A is capable of 2-channel voltage measurement and 1-channel current measurement with the DCV-Bch input, contributing to higher measurement system performance. Not only a GPIB interface but also a USB interface is mounted as standard, allowing easy system configuration.


Maximum display : 1199999
High resolution :
DC current of 1nA, DC voltage of 0.1μV, resistance of 100μΩ
Sampling rate : Up to 20,000 readings/second
AC measurement :
AC current of 20Hz to 5kHz, AC voltage of 20Hz to 300kHz
Variable integration time : 10μs to 10s
DCV-Bch measurement : DCV measurement 2-channel input
Front/rear input switching by remote control
External trigger and internal trigger (level trigger, delta trigger)
USB and GPIB interfaces as standard
Trigger signal input, complete signal output, comparator output
Low-power resistance measurement
A variety of calculation functions
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