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Product Category >Digital Multimeters >7351A/7351E/7351E+03
Digital Multimeters
(Photo is 7351A)


The 7351A, the 7351E and the 7351E+03 are 5 1/2-digit digital multimeters for a wide range of measurement applications covering use in R&D and production lines.

The 7351A is equipped with GPIB and USB interfaces, the 7351E with a USB interface and the 7351E+03 with USB and RS232 interfaces.

The 7351 series realizes 46 readings per second (60Hz) at integration time of 1 PLC that is the highest sampling rate in this class, contributing to the takt time reduction and the quality improvement in production lines. In addition, these models are capable of easy measurement data transfer through a laptop computer with the USB interface, so that they provide smart data analysis in R&D as well as production lines.


Maximum display : 199999
Measurement resolution :
DC voltage of 1μV, DC current of 1μA, resistance of 100μΩ
Sampling rate : FAST: 140 readings/sec
MED (50Hz): 40 readings/sec,
MED (60Hz): 46 readings/sec
Current measurement range: 200mA, 2000mA, 10A
AC measurement :
AC voltage of 20Hz to 100kHz, AC current of 20Hz to 5kHz
Interface : USB, GPIB (7351A only), RS232 (7351E+03 only)
Trigger signal input, complete signal output (7351A, 7351E+03)
Comparator output (7351E+03 only)
Low-power resistance measurement
A variety of calculation functions
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