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Product Category > DC Voltage/Current Generators > 6540/6541
4-Channel DC Voltage/Current Source/Monitor


The 6540 and 6541 are 4-channel compact DC Voltage Current Source/Monitors with the same width of 212 mm as our former compact models. The 6541, that is a benchtop model equipped with a display and a operation panel, was designed for R&D use with the emphasis on visuality and operability. On the other hand, the 6540 is designated for system use and controllable via USB only, however it realizes the same performance as the 6541 even with lower price.

The 6540/6541 realizes integration of multiple channels while having the low-noise feature that is ADC's strong point. It can be used as power supply to devices and as load at the same time, allowing pulse generation of the minimum pulse width of 50 µs, sweep operation and synchronous operation among multiple channels or units. These features contribute to precise measurements and shorter takt time. In addition, The 6540/6541 can precisely measure periodically varying consumption current or leak current of mobile electronic devices by using A/D conversion adopting the variable-integration method, peak detection, current measurement resolution of 10 pA and other functions.

The 6540/6541 comes with a USB interface and external control signals for synchronization among units or devices. Optionally, GPIB and LAN interfaces are available on the 6541 only.


Source and measurement range
Voltage: 0 to ±10 V, Current: 0 to ±500 mA
Maximum power of 5 W (1 channel)
(Up to ±1 A for 4 channels)
Basic accuracy: ±0.02 %
Minimum measurement resolution: 10 µV / 10 pA
High-speed pulse generation with minimum pulse width of 50 µs
Sink-enabled bipolar output
Synchronous operation among channels and units (selectable)
Benchtop type 6541 with color LCD monitor and
system-use type 6540 without monitor
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