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Product Category >DC Voltage/Current Generators >6243
DC Voltage/Current Source/Monitor


The 6243 is a DC voltage and current source/monitor with wide ranges of generation and measurement; voltage: 0 to ±110V, current: 0 to ±2A
The 6243 provides high accuracy with 4 1/2-digit source resolution and 5 1/2-digit measurement resolution, a variety of sweep functions, and a pulse measuring function with minimum pulse width of 1ms. Thus, the 6243 can be used for a wide range of applications as a power source for evaluation in research and development of semiconductors and other electronic components, or a power source for characteristic test systems in a production line.
Furthermore, this system is equipped with a GPIB interface as standard, and also has a synchronous trigger function for synchronous measurement by multiple units.


Sink-enabled bipolar output
Basic source and measurement accuracy: ±0.03%
Measurement with 5 1/2-digit display and resolution of 1μV, 100pA
Minimum pulse width: 1ms
Linear, logarithmic and random sweep functions for characteristics tests
Synchronous operation function by combining multiple units
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