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Product Category >DC Voltage/Current Generators >6241A
DC Voltage/Current Source/Monitor


The 6241A is a DC voltage and current source/monitor capable of
4 1/2-digit generation and 5 1/2-digit measurement with high accuracy of ±0.02%.
The 6241A has newly adopted a two slope linear sweep function in addition to conventional linear, fixed and random sweep functions, and is also capable of pulse measurement with minimum pulse width of 50μs and low voltage/current measurement with resolution of 1μV/100pA.
Thus, this product can be used for a wide range of applications as a power source for evaluation in research and development of semiconductors and other electronic components, or a power source for characteristic test systems in a production line.
The sink-enabled bipolar output and the individual HI/LO limiter function are effective in evaluation of batteries and power ICs, and the suspend function has solved a problem with the life of the output relays. GPIB and USB interfaces are equipped as standard.


Wide range of source/measurement
Voltage: 0 to ± 32V, Current: 0 to ± 500mA
High source/measurement resolution
Generation: 10μV/1nA, Measurement: 1μV/100pA
Basic source and measurement accuracy: ±0.02%
Pulse measurement with minimum pulse width of 50μs and 1μs step
Two slope linear sweep function
Sink-enabled bipolar output
GPIB and USB interfaces
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