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DC Voltage/Current Source/Monitor


The DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor 6240B not only maintains the performance of the 6240A that has been used over the years for semiconductor testing, but also adopts newly a high-speed response pulse source and measurement function and a low-resistance measurement function capable of testing contact resistance of connectors and other parts. The size of semiconductors tends to get smaller year by year. To test their characteristics precisely, it is necessary to measure them with low current that prevents self-heating. The 6240B meets such a command by performing pulse source with the minimum pulse width of 50 µs and measurement with a resolution of 1 µs. That is, it can supply voltage or current to semiconductors suppressing their self-heating during measurement.

Moreover, temperature dependence characteristic evaluation is possible by executing measurement as increasing the pulse width gradually. To transmit electrical signals without loss, it is essential to measure the contact resistance of parts in electronic devices such as connectors, wire harnesses and shunt resistors. In particular, dissimilar metal contact generates thermal electromotive forces, resulting in measurement errors.

The 6240B is capable of low-resistance measurement with 20mV or less according to JIS C5402 "Method for test of connectors for use in electronic equipment." This measurement can be performed highly precisely by using the built-in function that cancels thermal electromotive forces.


Source and measurement range
Voltage: 0 to ±15V, Current: 0 to ±4A (1A for DC)
Source and measurement accuracy: ±0.02%
Maximum display of 5 1/2-digits (±319999), resolution of 1µV and 100pA in measurement
Source/sink of ±4A for the maximum pulse width of 20ms
Pulse measurement with minimum pulse width of 50µs and 1µs step
Sink-enabled bipolar output
Low-resistance measurement canceling thermal electromotive force
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