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Product Category >DC Voltage/Current Generators >6166
DC Voltage/Current Source


The 6166 is a DC voltage/current source that uses a PWM system in the reference voltage generation block for high accuracy, high stability and high resolution.
The DC voltage can be output over a wide range of ±10nV to ±1199.999V and the DC current over a wide range of ±1nA to ±119.9999mA. Especially with its high stability for DC voltage source of 25ppm per 90 days (typical value), the 6166 can be widely used for the calibration of high-precision digital voltmeters or analog indicator instruments or as a generation source for a variety of tests.
The 6166 has a built-in function to generate thermal electromotive force of thermocouples according to the JIS table, enabling easy calibration of thermometers and other instrumentation systems.
The GPIB and USB interfaces are installed as standard so that voltage and current operations are externally programmable. Also, up to 1000 data including voltage, current, thermocouple, temperature, voltage limit and current limit can be stored and read out freely. A simplified auto test system can be built by nothing but the 6166.
The BCD parallel interface is available optionally, allowing more flexible system architect.


Wide dynamic range and high resolution
Voltage source: 0 to ±1199.999V (resolution: 10nV)
Current source: 0 to ±119.9999mA (resulution: 1nA)
High accuracy: ±35ppm/year (±25ppm/90 days)
High stability: ±5ppm/24hrs
Smooth polarity switching by bipolar output
Memory up to 1000 data sets
JIS-compliant thermal electromotive force output function
USB and GPIB interfaces as standard
BCD parallel interface as option
OPT6166+20 Compliance voltage 1200V (1mA and 10mA ranges)
(factory option).
OPT6166+04 BCD parallel interface
(factory option)
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