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ADC's Metrology and Calibration Center expands the JCSS calibration service range
September 27, 2013
ADC's Metrology and Calibration Center has expanded the JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System) calibration service for DC voltage source meters upon accreditation by IA Japan that is a government accreditation body established in NITE (National Institute of Technology and Evaluation).
The scope of calibration ranges has been increased from "DC voltage source at 10 V" to "DC voltage source and measurement at 100 mV, 1 V, 10 V, 100 V and 1000 V.

JCSS is the calibration laboratory accreditation system introduced by the amended Measurement Law enforced in November, 1993. Under this system, calibration laboratories are assessed and accredited as Accredited Calibration Laboratories to meet the requirements of the Measurement Law, relevant regulations and ISO/IEC 17025.

By the expansion of the accredited ranges, we are able to assure accurate measurement results and establish more reliable relationship with customers as a global calibration laboratory.

Also, we will be expanding still more the number of measuring instruments to receive the JCSS calibration service and the number of accredited calibration items. To meet customer satisfaction, we promise to provide actively the accredited calibration service traced to the national standards.
ADC' Metrology and Calibration Center is a JCSS accredited calibration laboratory compliant to international MRA.
JCSS 0287 is our accreditation number.

JCSS Accredited Calibration Laboratory
Accreditation No. 0287
Name ADC Corporation
Address 77-1, Miyako Namegawa-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama 355-0812, Japan
Enquiry Call Center
TEL: +81-0493-56-4433
General Field of Calibration:
Electricity (Direct Current & Low Frequency)
Date of Initial Accreditation of the Field:
March 29, 2012
Permanent Laboratory/On-site Calibration:
Permanent Laboratory
Type of service:
Direct Current & Low Frequency Measuring Equipment, etc
DC voltage source, DC voltage measurement
Calibration scope:
100 mV, 1 V, 10 V, 100 V, 1000 V
Level of Confidence Approximately 95 %:
0.3 to 10 ppm
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