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Manual download service
Before using this manual download service, you must agree the following "Terms of Use" and register your details. Once you obtain your user ID here or other download service within this site, you can use it as a common ID.
Terms of Use
"Download service"
1) All rights in and to the manuals on this site (including, but not limited to, copyright) shall be and remain vested in ADC Corporation.
Reproduction, alternation or transmission of all or any part of the manuals on this site without permission from ADC Corporation is prohibited by law.
However, you may download or printout one (1) copy of the manuals from this site only for the use of ADC's products that you have purchased.
All the information on this website is preserved under copyright, trademark or other applicable laws of respective countries.
2) This site does not provide all the manuals of the products released by ADC Corporation. When you are unable to find any manual that you want, please contact our sales representatives.
"Content of manuals"
1) The contents of the manuals provided by this download service are subject to change without notice, and may differ from those of the manuals that come with your purchased products.
2) When the contents of the manuals on this site differ from those of the manuals that come with your purchased products, please contact our sales representatives.
Please note that this site does not provide the supplementary documents included with the manuals.
"Safety Summary"
1) Information concerning "Safety Summary" contained in the manuals or supplied as separate sheet is not available under this download service.
2) The contents of "Safety Summary" are subject to change without notice according to change in laws or regulations.
3) If you have any inquires, please contact our sales representatives.
"Exclusion of liability"
ADC Corporation shall have no liability damages arising from the use or inability to use the download service on this site (including damages resulting from data corruption, discontinuation of service, loss of sales information, etc.) event if it has been announced beforehand that such damages or liability claims from third parties may arise.
"Change or suspension of service"
This download service may be stopped or the contents or conditions changed without notice.
The manuals available on this site are for the reference of customers who have purchased ADC's products.
Accordingly, ADC Corporation may not be able to answer inquires concerning the manuals from those who have not purchased the products.
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