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  1971 Takeda System Corporation was founded as a subsidiary wholly owned by Takeda Riken Industry Co., Ltd (present Advantest).
1979 Released the digital vibrating reed electrometers TR8411/TR8401 to the market.
1983 Began development of DC voltage/current generators, and released the simplified DC voltage/current generator TR6142.
1984 To expand the technology R&D system, moved to new facilities in Higashimatsuyama Industrial Park, Saitama.
1987 Released the DC voltage/current generator TR6143 with wide-range measuring functions.
1988 Released the high-sensitivity and high-accuracy ultra-high resistance meters R8340/R8340A for use in R&D and evaluation of electronic components.
1989 Released the low-noise DC voltage/current generator R6145 with bipolar output.
Released the low-priced digital electrometer R8240.
1992 Released the high-accuracy and high-resolution DC voltage/current generator R6161.
1993 Changed the company name to Advantest AD Corporation (ADC).
Released the 12-channel CV/CC power source R6740 optimum for battery charge and discharge test.
Released the DC voltage and current generators capable of maximum 16-channel synchronous measurement, R6245/R6246.
Released the low-priced 5 1/2-digit digital multimeter R6452 with two-input and dual display function.
1994 Released the 8 1/2-digit digital multimeter R6581 for high-speed sampling systems.
1995 Released the multi-channel power source R6741, capable of individual setting for use in the battery industry.
1997 Released multifunctional 5 1/2-digit digital multimeter R6552.
1998 Obtained ISO 9001 certificate.
1999 Released the DC voltage and current source/monitor R6243.
2001 Released the DC voltage and current source/monitor R6244 capable of high-resolution measurement.
2002 Released the low-priced DC voltage and current source/monitor R6240A.
Released the digital electrometer R8252 capable of high-resolution measurement.
2003 Became independent from Advantest Corporation by MBO and changed the company name to ADC Corporation.
2004 Released the optical power meter Q8230.
Released the high-speed digital multimeters AD7461A/AD7451A.
2005 Increased the capital to 50 million yen.
Built a sales network consisting of forty-five distributers and developed a sales territory in Osaka.
Released the general-purpose and low-priced digital multimeters ADCE7351A/ADCE7351E.
Released the optical power meter ADCE 8230E.
  2006 Opened Kansai Office (present West Branch) in Osaka officially.
  Began online information providing service and online maintenance request service.
  2007 Began manufacturing and sales of products under our own brand "ADCMT."
  Released the twin-digital multimeters 7352A/7352E.
  Opened Nagoya Office.
  Began sales of the optical spectrum analyzer Q8341.
  2008 Released the DC voltage and current source/monitors 6241A/6242.
  Opened Call Center and began maintenance service management.
  Began manufacturing of the optical spectrum analyzer 8341.
  Opened Tokyo Office (present East Branch).
  2009 Increased the capital to 90 million yen.
  Released the digital multimeter 7470 for system use.
  Began calibration of the transfer and primary standards.
  2010 Released the 5 1/2-digit DC voltage/current source 6156.
Released the 4 1/2-digit DC voltage/current source 6146.
Released the 6 1/2-digit DC voltage/current source 6166.
Released the thermal digital multimeter 7461P for system use.
Developed and released systems for PV cell and secondary cell evaluation.
Established Metrology and Calibration Center in Higashimatsuyama office.
2011 Released the optical wavelength meter the 8471 capable of measuring the wavelengths of communication laser diodes.
2012 Obtained authorization as an accredited calibration laboratory from JCSS.
Increased the capital to 126 million yen.
Released the ADC Instruments USB Driver 64-bit version.
2013 Released the PV cell evaluation system SS9620 capable of evaluating the I-V characteristics and dark current of solar cells.
Released the multi-channel DC voltage current source/monitor 6501 suitable for manufacturing and quality control of electronic components.
Released the DC voltage current source/monitor 6247C/6247G of 250V/320mA suitable for evaluating high-voltage semiconductor and LED luminaires.
Released Ultra High Resistance Meter 5450/5451 capable of high-speed testing of insulating materials and semiconductors.
Expanded the calibration service of our Metrology and Calibration Center.
2014 Released the DC voltage current source/monitor 6240B capable of high-precision measurement for semiconductor test and contact resistance test.
2017 Released the DC voltage current source/monitors 6540/6541 equipped with 4 channels in a compact benchtop size.
Transferred East Branch to Saitama City.
2018 Released the low-priced 5½-digit digital electrometer 5350.
2019 Released the modular system micro-current/high-resistance meter (IR meter).
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