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  Origin of Our Name  
Our house mark ADCMT stands for "Analog to Digital Conversion and Measurement Technologies," and its ADC part became our company name. Literally, we are contributing to the industrial society through analog to digital conversion and measurement technologies.
What's New

ADC launches compact 4-Channel DC Voltage Current Source/Monitors 6540 and 6541.
(Feb.20, 2017)
Announcement regarding Change of Representative Director and President. (Mar.18, 2015)
ADC launches DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor 6240B capable of high-precision measurement for semiconductor test and contact resistance test.(Jun.4, 2014)
ADC's Metrology and Calibration Center expands the JCSS calibration service range. (Sep.27, 2013)
ADC launches Ultra High Resistance Meter 5450/5451 capable of high-speed testing of insulating materials and semiconductors. (May.27, 2013)
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